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+ J-rock Goods +

Please read the rules!!! Shipping is not included! Also, prices for most items are not set in stone!

+ (left) Chinese Dinner DVD ($30)
Region 2, no subs. Stars Izam (Shazna) as a yakuza hitman (which is actually much cooler than it sounds). The story is pretty easy to follow, even if you don't know what they're saying. DVD retails normally for around $55.
+ (center) Shazna Melty Love VHS (SOLD)
+ (right) Oboreru Sakana DVD ($10)
Region 2, no subs. Another Izam movie. He's a gay bar owner in this one, tied to a serial killer. It's really a buddy comedy about a serious cop and his drag queen partner though.

+Kagerou CD lot ($60) (I will split the lot; $15 ea.)
- (top row left)"Hakkyou Sakadachi Onanist" ---3 tracks, original 2001 release
-"Jikasei Full-Course" ---4 tracks, original 2001 release
-"Jikasei Full-Course" --- First press. Includes this little origami thing...
-(bottom row left)"Iro Megane to Scandal" --- 3 tracks, original 2002 release
-"Mizu Hitari no Kazoe Uta" & "Hiaburi no Kazoe Uta" ---3 tracks each, original 2002 releases, each comes with a plastic disc with the band name on it. I will include a sticker sheet, which was a promotional item from Like an Edison if you buy both CDs. Please also see the poster below!

(1)Michiru Project "Fuuin no Zanzou" ($5)
(2)SHAZNA "Gold Sun & Silver Moon" (SOLD)--- 2 discs, first press, special mini-disc with "music box" versions of 3 songs + photo booklet
(3)Pierrot "Celluloid" ($15)
(4) +Dir en grey "Child Prey" single ($5)
(5) LAREINE "Saikai no Hana" single (SOLD)---2003 release, 1 track

Please note, I will only ship posters in the US, because shipping internationally is ridiculously expensive!

+ Dir en Grey Toshiya 2003 Calendar Page ($15)
There are a few small wrinkles and scuffs, and some wear on the corners. Sorry it was so hard to photograph! 20 x 29"

+ Dir en Grey Shinya 2003 Calendar Page ($10)
Perfect condition. I'll also include the calendar cover page with the sale of this poster. 20 x 29"

+ Dir en Grey Toshiya 2004 Calendar Page ($15)
Slight wear on the corners, otherwise perfect. 20 x 29"

+ Dir en Grey Toshiya 2003 Tour Final Poster ($15)
Wear on corners, some scuffs in the white part. This was a limited poster (from a set of the whole band) available only at the 2003 tour final at the Yokohama Arena. This is the last poster I have from this set! 15" by 20"

+ Dir en Grey Macabre Tour DVD poster ($10)
Another relic of years past... from 2001. Each little TV is a screenshot from the DVD. 15" by 20"

+ Kagerou 2002 Promo Poster ($10)
Wear on corners and edges, a few small wrinkles. Promo poster for the "Mizu Hitari no Kazoe Uta" & "Hiaburi no Kazoe Uta" singles, which I'm also selling (scroll up!). 20 x 29"

+ Not sure what this is called! ($25)
It was put out by Fool's Mate in 2002 and is a collection of what, at the time, were mostly up and coming indies bands. 160 pages, mostly color. Includes photos and interviews with Kagerou, Meri, Psycho le Cemu, MUCC, Baroque, Kagrra and others. Sample page 1, Sample Page 2.

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